Thursday, July 10, 2008

Christmas Crabs or Red Crabs in an Island near Australia

A truley amazing event on video showing The invasion of 'Christmas Crabs' or 'Red Crabs', near North West to Australia

Once a year, between october and december, more than 150 million red crabs travels to the island beach with females lay eggs and males fertilize them. But their chrismas stroll takes through city streets, stores and schools leaving little room to the human inhabitants.. They are literally everywhere. You just can't walk without stamping them or drive a car without riding on them. According to the estimation, motorists kill approximately 2 million red crabs a year.

Oh god, I just wonder how the people and kids live there amidst so many Red Crabs.. Ohhhhh.. Terrific.. Won't they bite them?

Watch the following video to see this amazing thing.

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