Friday, July 25, 2008

Breaking News - Six Serial Bomb Blasts Rock Bangalore, One Killed

One woman has been reportedly killed and about 15 injured in six serial bomb blasts that rocked the southern city of Bangalore today (July 25).

The first bomb blast took place at around 1:30 pm at the Madivala checkpost in the city, while the second blast has been reported from Mysore road. The Third blast has been reported from Ashoknagar area.

Telephone networks have been jammed following reports of blasts.

According to reports, gelatin stick could have been used in the 'low intensity' blasts.
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The news is getting broadcasted in the news channel : Times Now.
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What a heinous act.. Such a shame on these people. How cruel..

Who are the culprits? Who are the Targets? IT Sector?

Is this the just trailer for the coming 'August 15th'?

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