Monday, June 16, 2008

Axis Bank - Security Alert - Phishing sites are active.. Careful

Hi Friends, the phishing sites are operating and are sending some fake emails regarding your bank accounts asking to provide your sensitive information like account no, passowrd etc etc... Be aware of these kind of emails.. Here is one email I got from 'Axis Bank'

I had received following mail at my personal account
axis bank - phishing emailClick on image to see the enlarged/big image for clarity

When I clicked the link it throws the following site which is identical to Axis Bank. But address was different which is hard to notice … The domain is '' rather than 'axisbank'

axis bank - phishing siteClick on image to see the enlarged/big image for clarity

When I click on login it opened the login window which is identical to Axis bank login window ….
axis bank - phishing site login pageClick on image to see the enlarged/big image for clarity

Then I have provided a WRONG id & password…It asked for debit card and other information ….
Click on image to see the enlarged/big image for clarity

Herewith I would like to quote the alert warning by 'Axis Bank'

In case you have received any e-mail from an address appearing to be sent by AXIS BANK, advising you of any changes made in your personal information,account details or information on your user id and password of your netbanking facility, PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND. It is AXIS BANK's policy not to seek/send such information through email. If you have already disclosed your password please change it immediately.

Word of caution: Don't think that it doesn't matter you, incase if you don't have an account in 'Axis Bank'... There are chances that you may get similar kind of email, fake email, related to your bank account like 'ICICI Bank', 'SBI Bank', 'HDFC Bank', 'Corporation Bank', 'Vijaya Bank', 'IDBI Bank'.. etc..

So never ever try to disclose your credentials.. None of the banks will ask you to do so.. Be Aware.... Try to educate your family and friends too....


Sandeep said...

Even I got the same email prompting the same URL to click. I have AXIS bank account, and I could have easily fallen in trap. But luckily my gmail account warned me that it could be from someone who is not related to AXIS. So I didnt click. I hope AXIS bank is aware of such phishing sites.
-Sandeep P

Emails 4 All said...

Hi Sandeep,
Nice to hear that you took the help of information displayed by google.. That's really a good practice.. I hope everyone will try to check even the slightest information when it is realted to MONEY MATTERS.. ;-)

rakesh said...


This is Rakesh Kumar
Thank yopu very much for giving this info. i 'll forward this message to every one.some proxymails are getting we should not respond to such mails.

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